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17. A circular swimming pool is to be filled with water. If the radius of the pool is 2m and the height of the pool is 7m, what will be required to fill the pool?

(a) 88m^{3}             (b) 176m^{3}

(c) 25.14m^{3}        (d) None of these

Ans. (a) 88m^{3}

18. How many squares of 2 inch dimension will be required to cover a rectangle of 8 inch breadth and 6 inch length?

(a) 7          (b) 24           (c) 12         (d) None of these

Ans. (c) 12

19. In a class of 78 students 41 are taking French, 22 are taking German. Of the students taking French of German, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are not enrolled in either course?

(a) 6          (b) 15           (c) 24         (d) 33

Ans. (c) 24

20. If n an even integer, which of the following must be an odd integer?

(a) 5n – 2          (b) 7 (n + 3)           (c) n(n - 1)^{2}         (d) None of these

Ans. (b) 7 (n + 3)

21. If 32% of 650 if equal to \frac{3}{2} rd of x, what is the value of x?

(a) 208          (b) 416           (c) 975         (d) 312

Ans. (d) 312

22. Mita has two brothers. One of the brothers is 4 years younger than her and the other brother is 5 years older than this brother. If the average age of the siblings is 5, what is the age of Mita?

(a) 6          (b) 7           (c) 5         (d) None of these

Ans. (a) 6

23. The production cost of one unit of an item is Tk. 10. The item can be sold for a price of Tk. 16. The company further incurs a cost of Tk. 10,000 in the selling process. How many units of the product should be sold for the company to earn a profit of Tk. 50,000?

(a) 1,667          (b) 8,333           (c) 6,000         (d) 10,000

Ans. (d) 10,000

24. The angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2 : 3: 4. What is the value of the largest angle in the triangle?

(a) 90^{0}          (b) 80^{0}          (c) 60^{0}        (d) 180^{0}

Ans. (b) 80^{0}

25. What is the amount of interest on Tk. 500 invested for nine months at the rate of 12.5% per annum?

(a) Tk. 62.50          (b) Tk. 46.875           (c) Tk. 83.33         (d) None of these

Ans. (b) Tk. 46.875 

26. the height of a box is 10cm. Its upper and lower lids are square in shape. If the total surface area of the box is 250cm^{2}, the length of its side is:

(a) 25 cm          (b) 5 cm           (c) 10 cm         (d) 4 cm

Ans. (b) 5 cm

27. The price of a mobile set is Tk. 4,200, which includes 20% profit mark up. What is the cost of the mobile set?

(a) Tk. 3,360          (b) Tk. 840           (c) Tk. 3,500        (d) None of these

Ans. (c) Tk. 3,500

28. Mr. Bakhtiar works in the procurement department of a library. Under a new purchase policy, he increased the total number of books in the library by 20%. But son afterwards, as part of the library cleaning process, 10% of the total library book stock is disposed of. What is the net change over the initial number of books in the library?

(a) Increase of 10%          (b) Increase of 30%

(c) Decrease of 8%          (d) None of these

Ans. (d) None of these

29. It takes 10 days for 4 boys to complete a piece of work. The same work can be completed by 7 girls in 10 days. If 3 boys and 5 girls work together, approximately how many days will they need to complete the work?

(a) 10         (b) 15           (c) 7         (d) None of these

Ans. (c) 7

30. A bus traveling at a speed of 50 km/hour, takes 3 hours to complete a distance. If it takes 4 hours to complete the same distance by your car, what is your speed?

(a) 24 km/hour                    (b) 40 km/hour

(c) 37.5 km/hour                 (d) None of these

Ans. (c) 37.5 km/hour

31. A mixture contains \frac{2}{5} of element A and \frac{3}{5}of element B. When 5ml of A is added to the mixture, the proportion of B in the mixture changes to \frac{1}{5}. What amount of A was originally present in the mixture before the addition was made?

(a) 1 ml         (b) 1.5 ml           (c) 2.5 ml         (d) 6 ml

Ans. (a) 1 ml

32. The breadth of a rectangular field is 5m. Its length is thrice the breadth. What is the total length of fencing required if the fence is to be built leaving 0.5m of space from each side?

(a) 56m         (b) 70m           (c) 44m        (d) 38m

Ans. (a) 56m