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36. In a survey, 30% of the people surveyed owned a personal computer and 75% owned a cellular telephone. If 25% owned both a cellular telephone and a personal computer, then the percentage of the people who does not have either of the instrument?

(a) 40%             (b) 30%           (c) 25%               (d) 20%

Ans: (d) 20%

37. \sqrt{x}\sqrt{y}\sqrt{z}= ?

(a) x^{2}y^{4}z^{8}

(b) x^{\frac{1}{2}}y^{\frac{1}{4}}z^{\frac{1}{8}}

(c) \sqrt{x}\sqrt{y}\sqrt{z}

(d) x^{\frac{1}{2}}y^{\frac{1}{2}}z^{\frac{1}{2}}

Ans: (b) x^{\frac{1}{2}}y^{\frac{1}{4}}z^{\frac{1}{8}} 

38. Which of the following is not equivalent to 25x^{2} = y^{2} - 4?

(a) 5x = y -2                                                        (b) 25x^{2} = (y  + 2) (y  - 2)

(c) 75x^{2} = 3y^{2} - 12                      (d) x^{2} = (y^{2} - 4)/25

Ans: (a) 5x = y -2 

39. If (16)^{2x + 3} = (4)^{3x + 6} then x =?

(a) – 3             (b) 1           (c) 0               (d) – 1

Ans:  (c) 0

40. A company employs 15 persons, each working 44 hours a week. If 4 persons are absent, how many hours a week would the rest of the persons have to work to make up the time lost?

(a) 45             (b) 48           (c) 50               (d) 56

Ans: নেই

41. Anis, who owns \frac{200}{3}% of a factory, sells half of his share for Tk. 33,333. The value of the entire factory is-

(a) Tk. 9,999             (b) Tk. 66,666          (c) Tk. 99,999            (d) Tk. 133,332

Ans: (c) Tk. 99,999  

42. A man walked 2 miles east, then 2 miles south, then again 4 miles east and finally 10 miles north. How far did he walk from the starting point?

(a) 10             (b) 9           (c) 8               (d) 7

Ans: (a) 10

43. A book sells for Tk.65. This price gives the seller a profit of 30% on his cost. What will be the new selling price if he cuts his profit to 10% of its cost?

(a) 45             (b) 50           (c) 55               (d) 60

Ans: (c) 55 

44. A motorcycle costs Tk. 2500 when it is brand new. At the end of each year it is worth \frac{4}{5} of what it was at the beginning of the year. What is the motorcycle worth when it is 3 years old?

(a) Tk. 1,000             (b) Tk. 1,280         (c) Tk. 1,340            (d) Tk. 1,430

Ans: (b) Tk. 1,280

45. In square ABCD below, what is the value of \frac{(AC)(AD)}{(AB)(DC)}=?


(a) \frac{1}{2}             (b) 2          (c) \sqrt{2}               (d) 1

Ans: (c) \sqrt{2}

46. IN the picture area of the square ABCD is 196 square miles, O is the center of the circle. What will be the area of the circle in square miles?


(a) 100\pi             (b) 49\pi          (c) 144\pi               (d) 64\pi

Ans:  (b) 49\pi

47. There are 3 circles A, B and C (C >b > A). Area of the circle A is 100 Square Inch and B is 50% of C and 200% of A. What is the area of C?

(a) 200 Sq Inch             (b) 300 Sq Inch

(c) 400 Sq Inch               (d) 800 Sq Inch

Ans: (c) 400 Sq Inch

48. A boat goes 13 km upstream (against current) in 39 minutes. The speed of stream (current) is 3km/hr. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

(a) 23Km/hr             (b) 27 Km/hr          (c) 17 Km/hr               (d) 20 Km/hr

Ans: (a) 23Km/hr

49. Mr. Tamal purchased stocks for Tk. 1500 and sold \frac{2}{3}nd of it its value doubled. He sold the remaining stock at 5 times of its purchase price. What v. as the total profit?

(a) Tk. 2,000             (b) Tk. 2,500         (c) Tk. 3,000            (d) Tk. 6,000

Ans:  (c) Tk. 3,000

50. The daily rate for a hotel room having 4 beds is Tk.390 for one person and X taka for each additional person. If 3 people take the room for one day and each pays Tk.210 for the room, then what is the value of X?

(a) 60             (b) 80           (c) 240              (d) 120

Ans: (d) 120

51. An employee pays 3 workers – X, Y and Z. a total of Tk.610 in a week. X is paid 125% of the amount Y is paid and 80% of the amount Z is paid. How much does X make a week?

(a) Tk. 150           (b) Tk. 175         (c) Tk. 180            (d) Tk. 200

Ans: (d) Tk. 200

52. A trader dealing in pressure cookers reduced the price by 20% as a result of which his sale went up by 80%. What is the net effect of his sales income?

(a) 44% decrease            (b) 44% increase

(c) 64% increase              (d) 66% increase

Ans:  (b) 44% increase

53. At present, father’s age is 4 times more than that of his son. 6 years ago father’s age was 10 times more than that of his son. What is the present age of father and son?

(a) 36 and 9 years              (b) 32 and 8 years

(c) 40 and 10 years            (d) 48 and 12 years

Ans: (a) 36 and 9 years 

54. The value of a fraction is \frac{2}{5}. If the numerator decreased by 2 and the denominator increased by I, the resulting fraction is equivalent to \frac{1}{4}. Find the numerator of the original fraction.

(a) 3            (b) 4           (c) 6             (d) 8

Ans: (c) 6

55. What is the largest number of mangoes not exceeding 440 that can be distributed among three persons in the proportions 5 : 6: 7?

(a) 420            (b) 432           (c) 436             (d) 440

Ans:  (a) 420