Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Written Test for Recruitment of Senior Officer-2012

81. Rahim will be x years old y years from now. Ho wold was he z years ago?

(a) x + y + z                (b) x + y  – z       (c) x – y – z               (d) y – x – z

Ans: (c) x – y – z

82. If Shakib drove at 60 miles per hour for 2 hours, how far did he go in the last 20 minutes?

(a) 120 miles                (b) 40 miles        (c) 36 miles             (d) 20 miles

Ans: (d) 20 miles

83. At uttara High School each student studies exactly one foreign language. Three-fifth of the students take Spanish and one-fourth of the remaining students take German. If all of the others take French, what percent of the students take French?

(a) 10                (b) 30           (c) 20               (d) 25

Ans:  (b) 30

84. the average of 10 numbers is – 10. If the sum of 6 of them is 100, what is the average of the other 4?

(a) -100                (b) -50           (c) 0               (d) 50

Ans: (b) -50 

85. On a certain French-American committee, \frac{2}{3} of the members are men, and \frac{3}{8} of the men are Americans. If \frac{3}{5} of the committee members are French, what fraction of the members are American women?

(a) \frac{2}{5}                (b) \frac{3}{4}

(c) \frac{3}{20}               (d) \frac{2}{15}

Ans: (c) \frac{3}{20}

86. At 3 A.M. the temperature was 13^{0} below zero. By noon, it had risen to 32. What was the average hourly increase in temperature?

(a) (\frac{19}{9})^{0}                (b) (\frac{19}{6})^{0}

(c) 5^{0}                                            (d) 7.5^{0}

Ans: (c) 5^{0} 

87. If – 7 \leq x \leq 7 and 0 \leq y \leq 12, what is the greatest possible value of y – x?

(a) -19                (b) 5           (c) 7               (d) 19

Ans: (d) 19

88. If (7^{a})(7^{b})= \frac{7^{c}}{7^{d}}, what is d in terms of a, b and c?

(a) \frac{c}{ab}                (b) c – a – b

(c) a + b – c                                  (d) c – ab

Ans: (b) c – a – b

89. In January, the value of a stock increased by 25%, and in February, it decreased by 20%. How did the value of the stock at the end of February compare with its value at the beginning of January?

(a) It was less                (b) It was the same                    (c) It was 5% greater

(d) It can not be determined form the information given

Ans:  (b) It was the same

90. The population of a country doubled every 10 years from 1960 to 1990. What was the percent increase in population during this lime?

(a) 200%               (b) 300%           (c) 700%               (d) 800%

Ans:  (c) 700%

91. On a test consisting of 80 questions, Nasir answered 75% of the first 60 questions correctly. What percent of the other 20 questions does he need to answer correctly for his grade on the entire examination to be 80%?

(a) 85%               (b) 90%           (c) 95%               (d) 100%

Ans: (c) 95% 

92. A hospital has enough pills on hand to treat 10 patients 14 days. How long will the pills last if their are 35 patients?

(a) 7 days               (b) 6 days           (c) 5 days               (d) 4 days

Ans: (d) 4 days

93. If x is positive, and y = 5x^{2} + 3, which of the following expression for x in terms.

(a) \sqrt{\frac{y}{5}-3}                (b) \sqrt{\frac{y-3}{5}}

(c) \frac{\sqrt{y - 3}}{5}               (d) \frac{\sqrt{y} -3}{5}

Ans:  (b) \sqrt{\frac{y-3}{5}} 

94. Avi  drove from his home to college at 60 miles per hour. Returning over the same route, there was a lot of traffic, and he was only able to drive at 40 miles per hour. If the return trip took I hour longer, how many miles did Tie drive each way?

(a) 3                (b) 5           (c) 120               (d) 240

Ans: (c) 120

95. Let a be the st of primes less than and B be the set of positive odd numbers less than 6. How many different sums of the form a + b are possible, if a is in  A and b is in B?

(a) 6                (b) 7          (c) 8              (d) 9

Ans: (b) 7 

96. Which of the following is the value of \sqrt{(0.000064)\frac{1}{3}}?

(a) 0.004               (b) 0.008           (c) 0.02               (d) 0.2

Ans:  (d) 0.2

97. A researcher computed the mean, the median and the standard deviation for a set of performance scores. If 5 were to be added to each score, which of these there statistics would change?

(a) The mean only                                           (b) The median only

(c) The standard deviation only             (d) The mean and the median

Ans: (d) The mean and the median

98. What is the area of an equilateral triangle whose sides are 10?

(a) 30               (b) 25\sqrt{3}          (c) 50               (d) 50\sqrt{3}

Ans: (b) 25\sqrt{3}

99. If the angels of a five-sided polygon are in the ratio of 2 : 3: 3: 5: 5, what is the measure of the smallest angle?

(a) 20               (b) 40           (c) 60            (d) 80

Ans: (c) 60

100. If A is the area and C the circumference of a circle, which of the following is an expression for A in terms of C?

(a) \frac{c^{2}}{4\pi }               (b) \frac{c^{2}}{4\pi^{2} }

(c)  2c                                                       (d) 2c^{2}\sqrt{\pi }

Ans: (a) \frac{c^{2}}{4\pi }