Bangladesh Krishi Bank Ltd.

Recruitment Test for Officer-2012

26. The interest charged on a loan is Tk. p per Tk. 1000 for the first month and Tk. q per Tk. 1000 for each month after the first month. How much interest will be charged during the first three months on a loan of Tk. 10000?

(a) 10p + 20q         (b) p + 2q           (c) 20p + 10q        (d) 30q

Ans. (a) 10p + 20q

27. 8% of the people eligible to vote are between 18 and 21. In an election 85% of those (between 18 and 21) actually voted. What is the percentage of those voters (between 18 and 21) in terms of total eligible voters?

(a) 8          (b) 6.4           (c) 6.8         (d) 4.2

Ans. (c) 6.8

28. If x + 2y = 4 and \frac{x}{y}= 2, then x is equal to-

(a) \frac{3}{2}         (b) 1           (c) \frac{1}{2}        (d) 2

Ans. (d) 2

29. A worker is paid Tk. d and hour for the first 8 hours she works in a day. For every hour after the first 8 hours, she  is paid Tk. c an hour. If she works 12 hours in one day, what is her average hourly wage for that day?

(a) \frac{(4d + 80)}{12}         (b) 8d + 4c

(c) \frac{(8d + 12c)}{12}        (d) \frac{(2d + c)}{3}

Ans. (d) \frac{(2d + c)}{3}

30. Considering the accompanying diagram, which of the following statements is true?


(a) KM < KL          (b) KM < LM           (c) KL < LM         (d) LM < KL

Ans. (d) LM < KL

31. The cost of a share in Ace enterprises was Tk. D on Jan. 1, 2009. One year later, a share increased to Tk. Q. The fraction by which the cost of a share has increased in the year is-

(a) \frac{(D - Q)}{Q}         (b) \frac{(Q - D)}{D}

(c) \frac{D}{Q}                     (d) \frac{Q}{D}

Ans. (b) \frac{(Q - D)}{D} 

32. A bus uses one gallon of gasoline to travel 15 miles.  After a tune-up, the bus travels 15% farther on one gallon. How many gallons of gasoline (to the nearest tenth) will it take for the bus to travel 150 miles after a tune-up?

(a) 8.7          (b) 8.5           (c) 8.9         (d) 9

Ans. (a) 8.7 

33. Mr. Jamal bought a house at Tk. C in 2008 Three years later he sold the house for 25% more than he paid for it. He has to pay a tax of 50% of the gain. How much tax must  Mr. Jamal pay?

(a) \frac{1}{24}C        (b) \frac{C}{8}

(c) \frac{1}{4}C            (d) \frac{C}{2}

Ans. (b) \frac{C}{8}

34. If n and p are both odd numbers, which of h following numbers must be an even number?

(a) n + p          (b) np           (c) np + 2        (d) n + p + 1

Ans. (a) n + p

35. ABCD is a square. EFGH is a rectangle. AB = 3, EF = 4, FG = 6. The area of the region outside of ABCD and inside EFGH is-

(a) 6          (b) 9           (c) 12         (d) 15

Ans. (d) 15