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Recruitment Test for Executive Officer-Financial Officer-2015

21. A garden plants 17,956 trees in such a way that three are as many rows as the number of trees in a row. What is the number of trees in a row?

(a) 134          (b) 136           (c) 144         (d) 154

Ans. (a) 134

22. Two numbers are in the ratio 5 : 4 and their difference is 10. What is the largest number?

(a) 40         (b) 30           (c) 50         (d) 45

Ans. (c) 50

23. Raina is twice as old as Saima. Three years ago, Raina was three times as old as Saima. How old is Raina now?

(a) 6 years        (b) 12 years           (c) 14 years         (d) 16 years

Ans. (b) 12 years 

24. A train is traveling at 10km per hour (kmh) overtakes a motorbike traveling at a speed of 65kmh in 40 seconds. What is the length of the train  in meters?

(a) 400         (b) 450           (c) 500         (d) 550


25. Four persons can complete a job in 8 days. After four days two persons have left the work.How many days would it take for the remaining persons to complete the work?

(a) 10         (b) 6          (c) 8         (d) 4

Ans. (c) 8

26. Two friends M and N have 40% and 60% shares in a business. After some time a third friend joined the business by investing Tk. 5 lac and acquired 20% shares in the business. What is the share of M in the business now?

(a) 20%        (b) 24%          (c) 28%         (d) 32%

Ans. (d) 32%

27. Out of 7,500 candidates 75% were offered to study in Arts and 45% in Business. How many were offered both?

(a) 1,000        (b) 1,750          (c) 2,000         (d) 1,500

Ans. (d) 1,500

28. The price of a certain DVD is discounted y 10% and the reduced price is then discounted by another 10%. This series of successive discounts is equivalent to a single discount of:

(a) 20%        (b) 19%          (c) 18%         (d) 15%

Ans. (b) 19%

29. A zookeeper counted the heads of animal and found it to be 80. When he counted the legs of animals, he found the number to be 260. If the zoo had either Pigeons or horses, how many horses ere there in the zoo?

(a) 30         (b) 40          (c) 50         (d) 60

Ans. (c) 50 

30. The speed of a boat is 10km per hour (kph) and the speed of the river current is 5kph. The boat traveled 5 hours in favor of the current and then returned to the starting point. What was the time to return?

(a) 15 hours         (b) 12.5 hours          (c) 10 hours         (d) 7.5 hours

Ans. (a) 15 hours

31. How many 1 inch square tiles would it take to cover the floor of a closet that has dimensions 5 feet by 4 feet?

(a) 240         (b) 1440          (c) 2160         (d) 2880

Ans. (d) 2880

32. 2^{30} + 2^{30} + 2^{30} + 2^{30} =?

(a) 8^{120}        (b) 8^{30}           (c) 2^{32}         (d) 2^{30}

Ans. (c) 2^{32}

33. If a and b are positive real numbers, then (a^{0} - 3b^{0})^{5}=?

(a) 0            (b) 1         (c) -32         (d) -1

Ans. (c) -32 

34. What must be added \frac{1}{x} for making it equal to x?

(a) \frac{x^{2} + 1}{x}                (b) \frac{x}{x^{2} + 1}

(c) \frac{x^{2} - 1}{x}                   (d) \frac{x}{x^{2} - 1}

Ans. (c) \frac{x^{2} - 1}{x}

35. Which one is true for the mathematical expression \frac{2^{n} + 2^{n - 1}}{2^{n + 1} - 2^{n}}?

(a) \frac{3}{2}        (b) \frac{2}{3}           (c) 1         (d) 2^{n}

Ans. (a) \frac{3}{2} 

36. Simplify (2x^{-1})^{2}\div x^{-5}

(a) 4x^{2}        (b) 4x^{3}           (c) 4x^{-3}         (d) 4x^{-2}

Ans. (b) 4x^{3} 

37. If a + b = \sqrt{3} and a - b = \sqrt{2}, what is the value of 8ab(a^{2} + b^{2})?

(a) 5            (b) 6         (c) 7         (d) 8

Ans. (a) 5

38. If the difference between the circumference and diameter of a circle is 60cm, then the radius of the circle is:

(a) 7cm            (b) 9cm         (c) 10cm         (d) 14cm

Ans. (d) 14cm

39. If the perimeter of a rectangular flower bed is 30 feet, and its area is 44 square feet, what is the length of each of its shorter sides?

(a) 4           (b) 5         (c) 6         (d) 7

Ans. (a) 4

40. In the following image, ASB is a quarter of a circle. PQRS is a rectangle with sides PQ = 8 and PS = 6. What is the length of the arc AQB?


(a) 5\pi           (b) 8\pi         (c) 10\pi         (d) 15\pi

Ans. (a) 5\pi