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21. A short distance athlete has taken 60 seconds to cover 100m. If he makes 30 steps in 9 seconds, how many steps has he taken in that time?

(a) 130        (b) 170         (c) 173        (d) None of these

Ans. (d) None of these

22. A car goes 15 km on a gallon of octane when it is driven at 50 km/h. When the car is driven at 60 km/h, it only goes 80% as far. How many gallons of octane are needed to travel 200 km if half the distance is traveled at 50 km/h and the rest at 60 km/h?

(a) 15.00        (b) 16.67         (c) 10.60        (d) 14.00

Ans. (a) 15.00

23. A manufacturer sells three products i.e. A, B and C. Product A costs 200 and sells for 250, product B costs 150 and sells for 180, Product C costs 100 and sells for 110. On which product, he has maximum percentage of profit?

(a) B only        (b) A and B both         (c) A only        (d) C only

Ans. (c) A only

24. A, B and C enter into partnership with investments in the ratio of 5 : 7 : 8. If, at the end of the year A’s share of profit is Tk. 42,360, how much is the total profit?

(a) Tk. 169,440        (b) Tk. 183,000

(c) Tk. 196,700        (d) Tk. 168,440

Ans. (a) Tk. 169,440 

25. One third of the faculty members of a department are female. Sixteen of the male teachers’ are unmarried while 60% of them are married. The total number of faculty members in the department is-

(a) 72        (b) 60         (c) 30        (d) 90

Ans. (b) 60

26. A wholesaler sells goods to a retailer at a profit of 20%. The retailer sells to the customer, who pays 80% more than the cost of the wholesaler. What is the retailer’s profit?

(a) 40%        (b) 50%         (c) 60%        (d) 70%

Ans. (b) 50%

27. If an integer y is subtracted form an integer x, and the result is greater than x, then y must be

(a) equal to x        (b) less than 0         (c) less than x        (d) greater than 0

Ans. (b) less than 0  

28. A train went 300 km from City X to City Y at an average speed of 100 km/h. At what speed did it travel on the way back if its average speed for the whole trip was 120 km/h?

(a) 120 km/h        (b) 125 km/h         (c) 130 km/h        (d) 150 km/h

Ans. (d) 150 km/h

29. If a, b and c are 3 consecutive integers and a > b > c, which of the following has the maximum value?

(a) b + \left( {{c \over a}} \right)       (b) c + \left( {{a \over b}} \right)

(c) c + \left( {{b \over a}} \right)        (d) a + \left( {{b \over c}} \right)

Ans. b + \left( {{c \over a}} \right)

30. Sam can mow a lawn in 20 min, while Mark takes 10 min longer to mow the same lawn. How long will they take to mow the lawn if they work together?

(a) 12 min        (b) 14 min         (c) 15 min        (d) more than 15 min

Ans. (a) 12 min

31. If tow planes leave the same airport at 1:00 pm, how many km apart will they be at 3:00 pm, if one travels directly north at 150 km/h and the other travels directly west at 200 km/h?

(a) 50km        (b) 500km         (c) 400km        (d) 600km

Ans. (b) 500km 

32. If an inspector rejects 0.08% of a product as defective, how many units of the product with he examined in order to reject 2?

(a) 500        (b) 1500         (c) 2000        (d) 2500

Ans. (d) 2500

33. A two-digit number has 3 in its unit digit. The sum of its digits is one seventh of the number itself. What is the number?

(a) 53        (b) 63         (c) 73       (d) 83

Ans. (b) 63

34. A trader marked the price of an article 30% above the cost price and gave the buyer 10% discount on marked price, thereby gaining Tk. 340. The cost of the article is?

(a) 3000        (b) 2000         (c) 1900       (d) 1800

Ans. (b) 2000  

35. The length and breadth of a square are increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The area of the resulting rectangle exceeds the area of the square by?

(a) 62%        (b) 42%         (c) 82%       (d) None of the above

Ans. (c) 82% 

36. Three boys have marbles in the ratio of 19 : 5 : 3. If the boy with the least number has 9 marbles, how many marbles does the boy with the highest number have?

(a) 57        (b) 15         (c) 76       (d) 38

Ans. (a) 57

37. A circular wheel 28 inches in diameter rotates the same number of inches per second as a circular wheel 35 inches in diameter. If the smaller wheel makes x revolutions per second, how many revolutions per minutes does the larger wheel make in terms of x?

(a) 12x       (b) 24x         (c) 36x       (d) 48x

Ans. (d) 48x

38. Of tow groups of tourists, each has 60 people. If there-fourth (i.e. 75%) of the first group and tow-third of the second group board buses to travel to a museum. How many more people of the first group board buses than that of the second group?

(a) 3       (b) 5         (c) 10       (d) 15

Ans. (b) 5

39. Six consecutive whole numbers are given. The sum of the first three numbers is 27. What is the sum of the last three numbers?

(a) 30       (b) 32         (c)  36      (d) 38

Ans. (c)  36

40. If the length of each of the sides of three square garden’s plots increased by 50 percent, by what percent is the sum of the areas of the three plots increased?

(a) 125%       (b) 150%         (c)  200%      (d) 375%

Ans. (a) 125%