BCS Preparation
BCS Preparation

01. If you count 1 to 100, how many  5s will you pass on the way?

(ক) 10        (খ) 11        (গ) 18     (ঘ) 19

উত্তর: (ক)  উত্তর ভুল

02. A  farmer had 17 hens. All but 9 died. Ho w many live hens were  left?

(ক) 0         (খ)  9          (গ) 8           (ঘ) 16

উত্তর: (খ) 9

03.  If two typist can type two pages in two minutes, how many typists will it take to type pages in six minutes?

(ক) 3        (খ) 6        (গ) 9       (ঘ) 18

উত্তর: (খ) 6

04.  The fifth consonant from the beginning of this sentence is the letter- 

(ক) i                         (খ) e                         (গ)  a                         (ঘ)  t

উত্তর: (ঘ) t

05. If the second day of the month is a Monday, the eighteenth day of the month is a –

(ক) Sunday           (খ) Tuesday          (গ) Wednesday      (ঘ) Monday

উত্তর: (গ) Wednesday

06. Two men, starting at the same point, walk in opposite directions for 4 meters, turn left and walk another 3 meters. What is the distance between them?

(ক) 7 meters               (খ)  14 meters                   (গ) 10 meters                 (ঘ)6 meters

উত্তর: (গ) 10 meters

07.  30% of 10 is 10% of which?

(ক) 30                 (খ) 60                    (গ) 30                 (ঘ) 600

উত্তর: (ক) ও (গ)

08.  Rahim is 12 years old. He is three times older than Karim. What will be the age of Rahim when he is two times older than Karim?

(ক) 15 years     (খ) 16 years        (গ) 17 years    (ঘ) 18 years

উত্তর: (খ) 16 years

09. Divide 30 by half and add 10. What do you get ?

(ক) 25               (খ) 45                (গ) 55                 (ঘ) 70

উত্তর: (ঘ) 70

10. If a man swims 4 miters upstream at 1 mph and back downstream to the same point at 4 mph, what is  his average speed?

(ক) 0.8 mph     (খ)  1.6 mph     (গ)  2.4 mph    (ঘ)  3.2 mph

উত্তর: (খ) 1.6 mph